Cleanliness is half the faith! Indeed it is

This sign says it all. That small board in green color, with the white writing on it, that’s what I am talking about. It says in Urdu (and let me translate it for you), “please do not throw garbage over here.” And that’s exactly what the public has done. Much to the chagrin of earthlings like me. This is no village, it is on a main road in the city of Rawalpindi. In the background you can see a Government building which happens to be a school. You can also, if you look closely, see a man taking a leak, duh!

So, there’s total apathy form the public’s side.  They chose to throw their garbage out in the open. They threw it right where it was prohibited. (As if its allowed at other places 🙂 ) And they messed up the place big time. Then there’s apathy from the management who put this sign in the first place, by not removing this refuse. And by not placing a litter drum. And on top of it all there’s apathy by us all for ignoring this disorder. And why do we forget the saying of our Prophet (SAW) that, “Cleanliness is half the faith.” Need I say more?

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