PTI won or lost? You decide.


The educated working as well as middle/upper class of Pakistan has always considered politics as a dirty business. Resultantly, politics was left to the politicians who were supported by the uneducated class, mostly. I know many (myself included) who would prefer to sleep or while away time on things more (read less) important, than to go out and vote and perform this National duty. We would sleep late, watch TV, watch movies, listen to music and do just about everything except vote, off course. Resultantly, the voter turnout was always low and very few ended up deciding the fate of everyone. Come elections 2013, and everything changed. Why? Because of Imran Khan off course. Because in him, people saw a ray of hope. The educated class had faith in him and knew only he could take them out of this quagmire. So did Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf win or loose?

Statistically speaking, PTI lost, except for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa off course. Yes, that’s because most of Punjab held strong to their Political Dogma. They just wouldn’t let go of it, no matter what. They are held by biradri system, feudal system and they are politically not (very) aware. Well, let me explain this, yes they went and voted in droves but not to an ideology, but to individuals that they knew well. On the contrary people in KP, voted for ideology, they voted for change, they voted for Imran because they wanted to get rid of ANP. After, all who wants to live in darkness for another five years. Voting for PTI and voting for any other party is like being able to see a few years ahead and a few weeks ahead, if you know what I mean.

Although, PTI did not win big time but still I am convinced that it made an  impression. A big one, that is. How is that? These facts might do some explaining.

  • It has emerged as the biggest party in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  • The over 60 % voter turn out in Pakistan is all because of PTI.
  • The educated, working class and the upper class voted in big numbers, thanks to Imran Khan, otherwise politics till now had been considered a dirty business by all.
  • PTI was able to contest from Karachi in some numbers which until now has been considered a stronghold of PPPP and MQM.
  • Women, educated as well as uneducated voted in big numbers.
  • Challenging and giving a tough competition to PML(N) was no small feat.
  • A number of very strong contestants which previously were considered unbeatable were routed in their own constituencies, which in fact were their strongholds since decades. Examples are Ghulam Ahmad Bilour, Asfandyar Wali and Arbab Alamgir Khan.
  • PPPP and ANP were routed by PTI.

I think this is a big change for a party that has contested in elections for the first time in a big way. Thanks to PTI and Imran Khan, politics is no more restricted to the uneducated class. The good guys are coming 🙂

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