The hole in the wall


The boundary of Hayatabad is marked by high walls, at least 6 feet on most if not all sides. Just adjacent to Phase 2 is the Ring Road which happens to be another locality. It is a place where businesses are thriving and growing. One can find very good places to eat, get your car repaired for there are umpteen mechanics, shopping places and all. Off course, there are also small housing societies unevenly distributed in the area.

The management of Hayatabad, (PDA) decided to put a gate between Ring Road and Phase 2, in order to control the movement of people of all sorts. This was supposed to be guarded by the Police. Over a period of time, the POlice have long disappeared. The gate is still there but nobody uses it, instead  the wall has been punctured at different locations to make the movement easy. Now, anyone and everyone aspiring to enter Hayatabad can enter the area at will without bothering the Police or being checked. Considering the present times, this is a big security risk. I wish people who are responsible take note of this and do something about it. It is always the little things that normally go unnoticed and later on blow up in to very big problems.


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