Tula Toz .22 LR, hunting rifle review


Tula Toz 78-01 is a .22 LR bolt action rifle manufactured by the Tula Arms, Russia. It is a small, light weight weapon that is quite accurate. I had been on the look out for an inexpensive rifle for plinking and for small game hunting. This weapon, serves both the purposes. And with a scope it is deadly accurate. Tula Arms is an old company that dates back to 1712, this means they have considerable experience in designing and making weapons. Here is a short review of this rifle.

Technical Specs:

  • Caliber: 5.6 mm, .22 LR
  • Action: Bolt
  • Sights: Front Adjustable for windage and elevation, rear rotary scale ranges from 25 M to 100 M
  • Stock: Wooden with cheek pad
  • Safety: Yes, adjacent to the trigger and activated by firing finger
    Barrel Length: 536 mm, 21 inches
  • Rifle Length:1000 mm, 39.3 inches
  • Capacity: 4 Mags, two 5 round mags and two 10 round mags
  • Barrel and Metal parts: Bluing
  • Weight: 2.7 KGs, 5.9 lbs
  • Scope Rail: Yes
  • Trigger Adjustment: For two stage pull and trigger creep.
  • Accessories: Screw Driver, Manual and Front Sight Elevation/Windage adjustment tool


The front end guard is checkered for good grip.


There’s checkering on the pistol grip too.

  S6301116                                      S6301115

The (fixed) rear sight can be set from 25 M to 100 M by a rotary drum.

S6301107          S6301110

The front is adjustable for windage and elevation.


You can mount a scope on this one.


S6301118     S6301120

It has a safety.                                      And screw for trigger adjustment.

S6301106     S6301123

             The cheek rest.                        The butt plate is just average.

S6301126     S6301132

It is very easy to remove the bolt.       It comes with 4 mags, 2 of 5 and 10 rounds capacity each, tools for sight adjustment and a user manual.


This target was shot from 25 M using iron sights. With a scope it is very accurate.

I bought this rifle for Rs 35,000. I think it offers good value for money considering its specs and features. I am a big fan of Russian weapons, as they are adequately priced, reliable and rugged. I do not know of any other rifle manufacturer that gives four magazines with a weapon. Even CZ gives just one. A good weapon for those who want to get in to rifle shooting or small game hunting.

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