Pakistan Elections 2013 an amazing Android app


Pakistan Elections 2013 is an amazing Android app for keeping yourself abreast with the Pakistan Elections 2013 details. It has been developed by Suave Solutions to work with Android devices running version 2.1 and above.

The app shows complete party details, various elections polls, is easy to navigate, shows poll results in graphical form and supports social media sharing as well.

I think it a must Android app for anyone who wants to keep himself/herself updated with the latest on Pakistan Elections 2013.

2013-04-29-17-30-36                    2013-04-29-17-32-11

This the main screen.                             All constituencies are shown.

2013-04-29-17-32-18                  2013-04-29-17-33-57

You can search candidates.                            Polls related info.

2013-04-29-17-34-10                  2013-04-29-17-39-25

Map shows various polling stations.           You can also see Party details.

Click here to download the Pakistan Elections 2013 app for Android.

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