I rebuilt my Henry Martini Musket

old1 - Copy

Henry Martini was a single shot breech loaded rifle used by the British during late 1800’s. It was a good weapon in those times. The under-leaver located at the pistol grip would open the breech for loading a single round. The caliber is a whopping .577 inches! I am sure it must have made a big bang when fired. Over a period of time various versions were produced. The smaller one made to be carried by horsemen was called a musket.

Later, the tribesmen in Afghanistan and then Indian Frontier Province (now Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan) made copies of these rifles, commonly referred to as Khyber Pass Copy. Through some connections, I was able to get one, which cannot fire because the ammo is not available here. After cleaning it up and removing the rust I modified its looks and cut the fore-stock a little. I t has now a sportier look. In the end I painted it in Camouflage color. I think it looks good now. The rifle is now hanging in my sitting room.

new1 - Copy


S6300717     S6300718

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