FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) is FATA because the people of these lands chose it to be FATA. For those of you who  find this comment laughable, well you can’t really fathom it till you have been there, or you belong to this place. I belong to a place which is very near FATA. So in a way I understand the local psyche.

It is a land whose people are bound together by traditions and local customs, very tightly, that is. Here you will find that smuggling is common (between Pakistan and Afghanistan, but off course here it is called as trade), here you will find poppy growing in every other field, here you will find education, health, clean water, electricity, gas and telecom infrastructure etc scarce. They are a people governed by customs. A man from FATA in Army, Police, FC, Government, any business etc will be as good or bad as anyone else found anywhere in the country. But the moment he comes back to FATA he will become a tribal. He will have no freedom of speech or thought. He will be one of “them”.

You will find very less schools and hospitals. You will find very less of law and order (the rest of country being no exception). You will very much get the feeling that you are in fact in a time warp, or maybe that the people of this place are in a time warp. Not that I am against these people but in a way I pity them. I pity them for not being able to get education, I pity them for being deprived of health facilities, I pity them for being like they are for I believe they could have been better, much better. And to a certain extent I hold the Governments responsible for this.

Why can’t FATA be like Peshawar for instance? or Kohat or even Nowshera. I believe because the people have so far rejected modernism in any way. They have in fact rejected anything that doesn’t coincide with their traditions and customs.

But then there are places like Parachinar, that besides being in FATA are much progressive. Why? well simply because the people of that place chose to be so. There are schools, hospitals, an airport, roads, telecom infrastructure etc in Parachinar.

FATA will remain FATA till the time people of FATA want it to be so.


Poppy, you will find it here and there.



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