Thy political imbroglio


Disclaimer: Basically, I am a very apolotical person.

While out for a walk in the park I saw this marking on an electricity pole. On top of it is a poster of a political party which is vying hard to fool the people one more time. This must have been the handiwork of some political opponent or maybe a supporter as the slogan or whatever it is, is quite un-understandable. However, the next pole had me in surprise. That is when I realized what the person was trying to say.

imageIf you read this one… So what actually happened was that someone wrote this “@#$%” on one pole and the message in the previous photo on another pole. Later some worker of a party placed a poster on top of it thus adding to the confusion. But I read them in the reverse order. Lol.  So you must first read the second pic and then the first one to understand all this. Anyways I found it funny and decided to write about it. 🙂

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