A Mugging Experience – Some Useful Lessons

Being mugged is certainly not the best of experiences. I had mine and I survived it.Although I confess I lost my marbles during that ugly happening. I am physically fit, go to the gym regularly and know how to handle a gun, but I didn’t have one then and got mugged. World over the mugging phenomenon has been growing, and there isn’t a country that is safe. Muggers are lurkers who lie in wait of the right opportunity to strike at a target. The experienced muggers are swift, cold and ruthless, while the inexperienced ones are shaky and hence more dangerous. Since my mugging experience I have become more cautious. Here are a few tips that you might find useful when dealing with muggers.

My Sad Story. I was taking a stroll on a hot summer night near my house. I went to alocal store and bought a soft drink. I was walking lazily with the bottle in one hand and the other hand was in my trousers’ pocket. The place was not very well lit, and there was an open ground on right the side. I heard foot steps behind me and before I could turn around someone grabbed me from behind. Instinctively I thought it was my cousin who was joking, but then I saw a gun pressed against my abdomen (right side), and heard him say something like, “don’t make any sound or I will shoot you.”

There was just nothing I could do. He pushed me towards the open ground, since it was more dark than the road. Then he robbed me of my possessions, my necklace, wristwatch, money, ring, all gone in a few minutes. Pointing the gun towards me, he told me to run. I complied, and a little while later I turned around only to find him gone. later I reported the matter to the Police but the mugger was never caught.

Analysis. If the situation mentioned above is analyzed following things are quite evident:

  • I was alone.

  • It was dark.

  • The road was quite deserted.

  • It was late.

  • I was unarmed.

  • I was careless.

  • The mugger was armed.

  • I had no or very little options.

Any mugging event can be classified in to three distinct stages.

  • Pre-mugging stage.

  • The actual mugging stage (while you are being mugged).

  • Post-mugging stage.

So what are the lessons? The lessons or the precautions to follow are:

Pre-mugging Stage.

  • Do not go out alone, if possible.

  • Avoid dark places, alleys and streets.

  • Avoid late hours.

  • Do no go to deserted places, or avoid them.

  • If you go alone consider arming yourself with a gun. Although local laws may apply but carrying a gun is a good option. I have been carrying one with me since then, always loaded. And there are newer hand guns that are quite small and can be easily worn under clothes. These are called as Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW). However, carrying and using a gun requires practice and one has to exercise certain precautions as well, since a gun is a very lethal weapon.

  • If you don not want to carry a gun or cannot then a pepper spray is the best option. It is easy to carry, can be concealed in a wallet (specially in case of ladies) and is very effective.

  • Make a habit of watching over your shoulder just to see if anyone is following or observing you. A good technique is to pretend to tie your shoelaces and then have a glance at your surroundings.

  • Sign up for unarmed combat classes. It is good to practice self defense and use the learned techniques if you are really good at them. Frankly, disarming a mugger may he be carrying a gun or  a knife is a specialized job.

The actual mugging stage (while you are being mugged).

  • Stay calm, let me say it again STAY CALM. Convince yourself that it will be over soon.

  • If you are help up, with the mugger having a gun, it is always better not to react, and comply. A cell phone, wristwatch or money is simply not worth losing your life for.

  • Observe the mugger, this is useful in describing his appearance to the Police. His height, weight, build, hair color, hair type, clothes, shoes, his voice, everything.

  • Do not do or say anything that might offend him. Words like , “you won’t be spared”, “the Police will get you” etc do more harm actually then any good.

  • Do not try to make sudden moves that might alarm the mugger. too many people have been shot doing this. A man I know got killed because he tried to handover a cellphone to the mugger form the glove compartment and this panicked the mugger, he shot the poor guy point blank.

  • Tell the mugger to stay clam and try to convince him that you will comply. Young and inexperienced muggers are more likely to panic and cause harm.

Post-mugging stage.

  • Always report any mugging incident or attempt to the police.

  • If you are unhurt, be thankful and try to forget it. Although I confess the trauma isn’t easily forgotten and is hard to get over. People have been known to experience nightmares.

  • Take some tranquilizers and sleep over it.

  • Take precautions (always) in future.

  • Contemplate getting a hand gun and sign up for practice classes.

  • Seek professional help in case you find it difficult to deal with the mental trauma and stress.

  • Be wary of your surroundings when going out.

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