My first post

Today I am making my first post on my blog at I am not new to blogging, but all these months of blogging encouraged me to get my very own blog. I have a passion for technology, in fact it won’t be incorrect to say that I am technology enthusiast. I like to know how things work, how stuff functions, I like to keep myself updated on mobile phones and everything in between. I really hope I am able to keep pace with the changing technology which is evolving at a mad pace. Guns are a passion since my childhood. I don’t own many but the ones I have I love and the ones I do not have I crave for. A little bunny hunting, dove and pigeon shoot really relaxes me. I love to read and write besides long walks. Besides all this I ramble a lot, about almost everything. Happy Reading! 🙂

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50 plus….loner……foodie….day dreamer….bibliophile…..gun freak….peace loving….smitten by wanderlust….happy go lucky….tea junkie….coffee lover….once in a while movie goer….laid-back blogger with no interest in politics….Happy reading! :-)

5 thoughts on “My first post”

      1. I am interesting in any thing that hits a distant target precisely. Recently i am gonna buy a used Diana from an acquaintance so i was looking on internet whether its worth the price or i should rather spend on Gamo etc etc


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